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The Amalgamation


Brian Alsford - keyboards, vocals, bass guitar
Stan Malandain - drums
Terry Rusten - bass guitar
Ken Suttle - guitar
Frank Laurella - vocals
Mick Fowles - lead guitar

Julian Baizley - drums
Den Strudwick - backing vocals
Mike Hamlin - bass guitar
Roger Hamlin - acoustic guitar
John Feest - drums
Mick Hewitt - drums
Clem West - bass guitar
Chris 'Diddles' Barnes - drums
Charlie Pert - drums

The Amalgamation were formed in Worthing, Sussex as The Nowhere Men, with Frank Laurella, Brian Alsford, Julian Baizley, Den Strudwick, Mike Hamlin and Roger Hamlin. They later added lead guitarist Mick Fowles.
During the latter part of 1966, the group had changed its name to Amalgamation.
Julian Baizley was replaced by John Feest in 1966.
Den Strudwick left the group in 1966.
John Feest was replaced by Mick Hewitt by 1967.
Ken Suttle replaced Roger Hamlin early in 1967.
Clem West replaced Mike Hamlin in 1967.
Stan Malandain eventually replaced Mike Hewitt. Vocalist Frank Laurella had been standing in as temporary drummer until Malandain joined the group.
Terry Rusten replaced Clem West in 1969.
In 1970 Stan Malandain joined Sykes and Medina. Chris 'Diddler' Barnes took his place as drummer. Charlie Pert soon replaced Chris Barnes on drums.
Mick Fowles left and joined Total.
After Stan Malandain had toured Germany with Sykes and Medina he rejoined Amalgamation.
In 1971 Amalgamation travelled to Germany where they were signed as the backing band for The Southlanders. During this time Frank Laurella quit and returned to Britain.
Stan Malandain, Ken Suttle, Terry Ruston and Brian Alsford remained in Germany performing for troops before they were sent off to fight in Vietnam.

Amalgamation recorded four songs in the Pye studios with arranger/producer Jack Dorsey.
The tracks were released without the band's knowledge under the name 'Capt. Skidmarks!'

In 1972, Amalgamation disbanded.

Brian Alsford emigrated to Canada.
Stan Malandain, Mick Fowles, Frank Laurella, Terry Ruston and Ken Suttle re-formed in 1972 as Wild Honey. Mick Fowles then left. In 1974 the group name was changed to Hunny Bunch.
Frank Laurella was replaced by Arthur Edgar. Pete Wadeson joined the group in the mid-1970s
Stan Malandain left in 1997 and was replaced by Neil Heath.

Recorded an EP for Oak Records in 1968.


1968  Brackleshaw Thinking / Livin Love True / Elaine / Like Before   Oak  RGJ  623

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